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Keeping up with the HVAC industry

On September 6, 2021, Posted by , In News, With 2 Comments

The South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SARACCA) is an association of HVAC contractors who have individually and jointly agreed to a set of governing standards whilst operating in free competition against each other. SARACCA’s main objective is to create a prolific industry, this includes providing its members with relevant information and training opportunities.

Membership benefits

SARACCA uplifts and supports its members, preparing them to be effective players in the industry. These are some of the member benefits;

  • Through its Director, SARACCA is involved in the administration of SAQCC Gas for Authorised Refrigeration Gas Practitioner registration and Certificate of Conformity monitoring all in terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER)
  • Provides a subsidy to members for the training of site staff in duct erection, refrigeration, air conditioning, project management via short courses that follow SAQA approved Unit Standards training curriculum.
  • Supports the experiential training of engineers from university with a grant to the member who engages a student for the practical experience.
  • SARACCA is a member of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa, which allows member’s access to Industrial Relations Services such as advice on labour matters, dispute resolution, and employment conditions.
  • Membership of the Metal Engineering Industries Bargaining Council is available through SEIFSA
  • SARACCA is represented at the SABS to provide input on the review and revision of SANS standards such as SANS 10147 on refrigeration, SANS 10173 for installation, testing and balancing of air conditioning ductwork and SANS 1238 for the manufacture of ductwork.  All of these have an impact on our industry and it should be noted that SANS 10147 is now referred to in the OSH Act and Pressure Equipment Regulations which has major implications regarding responsibility and obligations on refrigeration installations, maintenance, and repairs.
  • SARACCA publishes and circulates to members regular updates on the Contract Price Adjustment Provisions (CPAP) and SEIFSA indices which enable members to monitor the movement of these indices and weightings for Work Groups specific to our industry

Training services

SARACCA has a vast range of Training providers dedicated to providing substantial and practical training that arms practitioners with essential skills as per their specific industry specialties. SARACCA has training providers specialising in areas of all A1 & A3 refrigerants on commercial, industrial, automotive, and B2 Ammonia. Training providers are situated in the Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and Western Cape regions. Visit our website for a list of authorised training providers

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  1. Could you guys help me with ammonia training . I want it so badly . I have done safe handling of refrigerant certificate last week on freon

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