HVAC sterilisation technology makes progress to inactivate coronavirus

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HVAC sterilisation technology makes progress to inactivate coronavirus

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Global air conditioning manufacturer Mitsubishi has recently confirmed its latest proprietary air purification technology has the ability to remove and inactivate the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

The latest technology includes a patented air purification and an enzyme-urea formulation processor that exposes cells to UV-C LED radiation to remove and inactivate airborne viruses.

Joint research with Kitasato University is said to have confirmed that almost all cells are completely inactivated by the enzyme-urea in the dust-collecting air filter. The tests further indicate that viral particles reduce almost entirely with an average inactivation rate of 60-minutes.

The additional UV-C LED technology has proven effective against various microbial contamination. To verify claims, scientists spread liquid holding tens of thousands of SARS-CoV-2 particles on a resin plate under a UV-C LED light.

While performing the experiments in an airtight device for increased accuracy and control of the testing surface. The results confirm a high efficacy of inactivation and the ability to inactivate a significant percentage of the virus.

Before launching to the worldwide market, Mitsubishi says it will continue the commissioned research to validate the effectiveness of its latest developments.

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